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Acne is a condition characterised by obstructed sebaceous glands, pimples, and sometimes deeper cysts and nodules that can occur on the face, back, shoulders and upper arms. Acne is often associated with adolescence and will usually affect most teenagers at some time. However more adults are now suffering with this condition.

IPL Blue Light Therapy

IPL blue light therapy has been proved to have excellent results in the destruction of the P.acne bug, which is the bacteria responsible for acne without any effect on surrounding tissue. A course of treatments will see significant improvement in the skin. This is three times faster than common antibiotics. its safe and involves no side effects or discomfort.

Each programme is designed to achieve optimum results based on the level of downtime you will experience, your time and budget. Your programme will incorporate various non-invasive treatments that are prescribed to your individual condition and areas of concern.

Don’t let acne scar or harm your confidence!

Treatment Of Acne

No More Antibiotics!

Until recently client with persistent acne have often been treated using topical applications or antibiotics. However studies have now proved that by using blue light will trigger chemicals within the body that destroy the P.acne bug in a fraction of the time that it takes current methods to work.

Our Acne Programme – Non-invasive Treatment

At A.R.T we focus on results!

Our unique combination package exclusive to A.R.T has been developed and targeted to treat all grades of acne and scarring caused by acne. Within our acne treatment, a combination of non-invasive skincare technologies will be utilised. These include:

• Skin Conditioning

• LED Light Therapy


• Skin Peels

Acne Scarring Treatment

We also treat Acne Scarring by a combination of non-surgical skincare technologies, including Skin Peels, Dermapen Skin Microneedling Treatments, Laser Skin Rejuvenation and professional homecare products.

Our Acne Scarring Treatments aim to:

• Reduce redness of the skin

• Even skin texture

• Regenerate the skin

• Reduce the visible sight of acne scarring and acne pitting

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