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Bingo wings:

Includes our brand new Power sculpt to tone and tighten the muscle to lift and tone, combined with Cryotherapy to reduce inches and smooth the tissues, whilst layered with the Ultimate Pro Radio Frequency to tighten that skin.

Thigh Gap:

Have you always wanted one but thought it wasn’t possible without going under the knife, well now you can with our 3D Ultimate Pro.

Mummy Tummy:

The perfect combination, 3D Dermaforce, Ultimate Pro and of course one of our favs Micro-Needling.

1. Are you concerned about your stretch marks after pregnancy?

2. Perhaps you are looking to treat stretch marks after weight loss?

3. Or are you researching how to tighten loose skin on stomach?

Our Mummy Tummy Makeover may be the solution you need. It treats loose skin by successfully targeting the appearance of loose skin and stretch marks left over from pregnancy or dramatic weight loss. This skin tightening and stretch marks treatment can help restore your skin to its pre pregnancy or pre weight gain/ loss appearance. With this procedure, you can achieve body confidence with a smoother, more taught stomach without the risks and downtime associated with more invasive options such as a surgical tummy tuck. By combining medical grade technology we have also multi-layered our amazing Powersculpt and Fat Removal treatments to also target muscle tone and any excess fat to restore your tummy to its former glory.

ART Signature Programs

Our signature programs unique to A.R.T have been developed with years of experience meeting client’s demands!

5 Point Bikini Body 

Everyone wants to be bikini ready, especially in the summer months. Why limit yourself to having a beach body only in the summer months? With 3D Ultimate’s 5 point bikini lift you can achieve the perfectly toned summer body all year round. This treatment will help you tone five of your body’s most stubborn areas: the stomach, inner thighs, love handles, buttocks and lower buttock. Just one course of the non-invasive 5 point bikini lift can help you achieve amazing results, with no recovery time required. You can get your body beach-ready and feel more confident in yourself, without having to undergo any pain or take any downtime out of your busy schedule. Our range of aftercare services will also help you keep your 5 point bikini lift results lasting for longer.

Ultimate Bum Lift

Ultimate Bum Lift, the latest innovative non-invasive body treatment has arrived at Art of Beauty, award-winning beauty salon and aesthetic clinic based in Billericay, Essex.

Our Non-surgical Ultimate Bum Lift Program utilises a combination of the most advanced non-invasive body technologies on the market today to safely and effectively enhance your rear appeal.

It Includes dual Cryo to sculpt and shape, our brand new Power sculpt to tone and tighten the muscle, and finally Cavitation combined with Shock Waves to reduce cellulite. 

This treatment can:

· Sculp the curves of your bum

· Tone the derriere

·Treat cellulite and fatty deposits

· Lift loose, sagging skin

· Improve buttock shape

Advantages of Non-Surgical Ultimate Bum Lift

• This is a completely non-surgical procedure with no downtime and is more cost effective than a surgical  procedure.

• The procedure is completely painless

Non-Surgical Ultimate Bum Lift Treatment Information

• A course of treatment is usually needed to achieve optimum results. Real differences may be seen in as few as 1-3 sessions depends on individual cases. Top up sessions are required to maintain your results.

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