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You tried it all but just can’t shift it, with our amazing Dermology program using cavitation combined with shock waves we now have the answer.

Our program works by stimulating fat break down and increasing both collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage.

What areas can be treated:

Cellulite and fat accumulations on the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, saddlebags, hips, knees, abdomen and arms.

• Activates the fat cell membranes, making the fat cell more permeable, whilst increasing blood flow.

• Shrink fat cells, to restored them closer to there original form, reducing or eliminating the cellulite appearance and smoothing and contouring the tissues

• Activates the metabolism, clearing the system of impurities

• Promotes lymphatic drainage, gradually and naturally allowing the body to excrete the newly permeable fat cells. This in turn reduces the cellulite appearance

• Increase the blood supply to tighten and strengthen the skin, by improving connective tissue function therefore increasing skin elasticity, texture and tone


We recommend a course of treatments.

At A.R.T we offer an initial consultation. One of our highly qualified therapists will assess your suitability, answer any questions you may have and work with you to come up with a treatment programme suitable to your needs..

To book your consultation, please call 01277 633907.

Book Consultation to find out more!

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