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Muscle Tone

Introducing a powerful revolution in body shaping and muscle toning, just one minute treatment is equivalent to 20000 crunches, squats or leg extensions. 3D Powersculpt creates a targeted approach to muscle toning and body shaping while also being used as an accelerator to other body contouring treatments. 


Loved by celebrities this treatment is a prescriptive approach to all body sculpting desires.

The overall result following a course of Powersculpt treatments is an increase in muscle volume and density and reduced fat percentage in the target area due to an improved metabolic rate. 

Powersculpt uses Electro Magnetic Muscle Stimulation technology to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs and arms.

Simply put Powersculpt is a non-invasive body contouring procedure to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. It is the most recent technological advance which has revolutionised non-invasive body shaping.

We are delighted to be one of the first clinics in the UK to offer Powersculpt!


What is Electromagnetic Technology?

Electromagnetic technology penetrates below the fat layer to strengthen and tone muscle whilst also reducing stubborn fat cells. This brand-new treatment is a game changer!

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology induces supramaximal contractions, something that cannot be achieved at the gym through voluntary exercise.

Powersculpt contracts 100% of the muscle for 100% of the time you’re being treated, At the gym you will contract 35-40%, A seasoned athlete will contract up to 55%

The muscle tissue then adapts by remodelling its inner structure resulting in building muscle and burning fat.

latest innovative body contouring treatment

Why Choose 3D Powersculpt

• It can, burn fat, Tone muscle, build muscle, Shape-Sculpt-Lift and Tighten.

• If you are looking to tone up fast and muscle toning is your goal, you can take yourself further with Powersculpt.

• It is the latest innovative body contouring treatment that effectively builds muscle and tones the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks.

• It is a non-surgical lifting procedure that is non-invasive with no needles, no anaesthesia and no downtime.

• Ideal for both men and women with ‘pinchable’ fat wishing to sculpt their body.

• The treatment is painless, effortless to perform, non-invasive and has no downtime.

• Haled as the World’s first non-invasive buttock lifting procedure 

Book Consultation to find out more!

We recommend a course of treatments. You can combine Powersculpt with one of our Bespoke Body Contouring programs to obtain excellent incredible results or have as a standalone treatment. At A.R.T we offer an initial consultation. One of our highly qualified therapists will assess your suitability, answer any questions you may have and work with you to come up with a treatment programme suitable to your needs..

To book your consultation, please call 01277 633907

You can

• Sculpt and tone the abdomen, arms, bottom, and legs

• Build muscle and burn fat with no surgery and no downtime

• Gain 16% average increase in muscle mass

• Achieve a 19% average fat reduction

How else will you benefit from this procedure?

• Those who have their abdomen treated will find their posture will improve, this can reduce lower back pain.

• Gym goers can find they are able to lift more/squat heavier/hold a plank for longer (depending on area treated) and feel generally stronger

• Runners and swimmers can find they can perform faster due to a strengthened core

•No DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) or muscle fatigue


revolutionised treatment

This revolutionised treatment is a prescriptive approach to all body sculpting desires, a powerful new revolution in body shaping and muscle toning.

·Fast treatment times

·No exercise required

·Pain free

·No downtime

·Affordable treatments

·Effective results

·Can target multiple areas and main muscle groups

·Can be delivered on its own or layered with one of our Bespoke Body Contouring Programs

What are you waiting for!

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