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No Needle Meso

No-needle mesotherapy works by breaking through the resistant barriers of the skin and transporting high concentrations of powerful active ingredient cocktails to depths previously difficult to reach. This treatment provides skin with much needed corrective nutrition with revitalising vitamins and minerals and restorative cell communicating ingredients providing a deeply nutrifying skin treatment.

amazing lifting & firming

At the same time No-Needle Mesotherapy provides amazing lifting & firming results due to the combination of high dose active ingredients and effective corrective treatment technologies that work on your skin’s structure.

•Excellent Results For:

• Anti-Ageing

• Pigmentation

• Hydration

• Dull & Lifeless Skin

What is No-Needle Mesotherapy

Utilizing the latest Nobel Prize winning advancements in beauty science, No-Needle Mesotherapy is a revolution in results orientated face treatments for anti-wrinkle, lifting, skin brightening, hydration, and anti-redness.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment At A.R.T 

No-Needle Mesotherapy can be used in combination or stand-alone. As a further alternative, it can also act as an accent service to any treatment allowing you to focus on areas of concern, if you so wish. We use No-Needle Mesotherapy in the following skin treatments in the salon:

• ART Signature Collection

• 3 Stage Programs

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