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Nowadays skin pigmentation has become a common problem. Pigmentation is usually caused by excessive melanin production due to genetics, sun exposure, stress and hormone imbalances.

We have designed each of the above programme depending on the level of downtime you will experience, your time and budget. We aim to provide you with a personalised approach in order to deliver optimum results.

Our Pigmentation Programme

Pigmentation Programmes at A.R.T we utilise various non-invasive skincare techniques and specialised home care products to treat the following conditions:

• Melasma

• Sun damage

• Age spots

Pigmentation Treatment Commit To Your Homecare Products

It is very important to commit to the use of the homecare products that we will prescribe to you. This is to maintain the suppression of melanin production after the initial professional treatment in the clinic.

Your therapist will give you detailed usage instructions. 

Pigmentation Treatment – Non-Invasive Way

The main focus on treating pigmentation is to eliminate melanin in the skin without harming the surrounding skin tissues. Currently, there are two proven methods to effectively treat pigmentation.

Skin Peel

We stock the most advanced and effective skin peels to address pigmentation including Cosmelan Depigmentation treatments from Mesoestetic. The treatment’s principal action is elimination of melanin patches on the face – including melasma.

IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation utilises an intense pulse of light (IPL). It passes safely through the top layer of the skin to heat and thermally destroy pigmented lesions such as brown spots, age spots, and flat brown birth marks. The surrounding skin tissues are not affected in this process.


Cryotherapy, which literally means ‘cold therapy’, is a non-surgical treatment that utilises cold to treat various skin concerns, including, sun spots, skin tags / warts removal, eczema and psoriasis

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