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Taking care of the business my daily work routine includes control of daily takings, update of client records, staff work schedules, add new treatments and products. Monitoring client course treatments. Online bookings and client e Voucher purchases.

I have worked with Emalene for 12 years. Prior to working for Emalene, I worked for a major supermarket brand as a departmental Personnel Manager. Prior to that, I worked with my husband and ran our own manufacturing business. Early years I qualified as a confectioner.
The values I bring to the business are total 100% honesty and integrity. I am and have always been a driven self-motivated person. Direct but fair in my approach to clients and work colleagues always. Having been given the opportunity to work remotely from home, I have enjoyed the freedom it has given me to enjoy a quality Work, Life, Balance.

As a grandmother I especially enjoy my time with my granddaughters, who are now growing into beautiful young ladies. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to share so many memories with them all in their younger years. I feel very lucky spending my time relaxing, talking, walking and laughing with my husband in our new home.

Sandra Barker

Administrative assistance.

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A.R.T is a all encompassing Award Winning Beauty salon and Aesthetic Clinic, located near the centre of Almancil,  which is home to a team of highly trained specialists.

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