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Sports Massage Treatment at A.R.T 

Effects Of Sports Massage


• Increased circulation

• Removal of waste products in the muscles

• Stretching of muscles and fascia

• Breaking down of scar tissue

• Increased flexibility and range of motion

• Release of muscular tension and spasm


• Reduction of stress

• Increased micro-circulation

• Pain reduction

• Relaxation

Sports Massage Treatment at A.R.T 

Initial Consultation and 30mins massage 

30 mins massage 

45 mins massage 

60 mins massage 

Sports Massage

The main purpose of sports massage is to prepare the body for performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension and to promote flexibility in order to prevent injuries.

Sports Massage will influence repair and recovery therefore speeding up the healing process. It will help to alleviate stress and tension which can often build up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity where minor injuries occur, due to over exertion and/or overuse of the muscles. Sports Massage can break them down quickly and effectively.

Sports Therapy Is Not Just For Athletes

Anybody who puts excess stress on their muscles on a day to day basis will benefit with this treatment, for example, someone who sits at a computer all day and ends up slumping over the keyboard will in time potentially end up with very tight and painful neck, shoulder and back muscles. Sports massage will help to relieve this problem and also help to prevent it in the future.

Sports Massage Treatment & Benefits

Sports massage has many benefits. Not only will aid in the repair and recovery of muscles but it keeps your muscles in good condition, allowing optimal range of movement, flexibility and power output. In addition to feeling good, sports massage reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility, and relieves pain.

Customised Treatments

The treatments will be customised for the individual client. Each condition has different demands therefore creating a variety of different applications. Sports massage is designed to address those specific concerns and will differ according to your condition.

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