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The brow conversation has shifted from how to make them as skinny and tweezed as possible, to how to get the most feathered, defined brows. From tweezing to waxing, permanent make up to tinting, microblading to Precision brow, the beauty industry has caught up with the demand for contemporary eyebrow treatments. We are the first to admit that although each service can give you your desired brow shape, it can be confusing navigating all the different ones available!

From Tinting to Tattooing: we offer it all but how to know which Eyebrow Treatment is right for you?

A.R.T Brow

Treatment Offering

• Eyebrow Tinting

• Eyebrow Shape (waxing)

• Eyebrow Tidy & Shape (tweezing)

• Eyebrow Tinting & Shape

• Precision Brows

• Microblading

• Powdered Brows

• Permanent Make-Up

A.R.T Signature Brow Service

The Precision Brow is a complete eyebrow service which incorporates waxing, tweezing, trimming and tinting to create highly defined eyebrows. The shape and colour is personalised to you.

The service gets its name  to show its accuracy in terms of definition. The shape and colour is paramount in creating eyebrows that complement your facial features.

Your Precision Brow is achieved through a 3-stage process that enhances, shapes and grooms your brow.

The Precision Brow Treatment – 30mins 

Precision Brow

1. The Enhancing Stage

Tinting – using specially formulated tints the brows are coloured to enhance, define and give them shine. Like all artificial colour, it will fade over time. No need to worry though as you can repeat the tinting process on its own in between your Precision Brow appointments, and this only takes minutes to do!

2. The Shaping Stage

This is to create the perfect shape to the brow in order to complement the client’s facial features and give them the desired look they are trying to achieve. This is done by incorporating various hair removing techniques such as waxing, tweezing and trimming.

3. The Grooming Stage

To finalise, the brows are groomed, leaving them highly defined. A specially designed brow wax is applied to the brows to separate the hair and to give a gloss like finish. You will also be shown how to maintain your own brows at home.

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