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Essential Grooming

At A.R.T we pride ourselves in our aesthetic eye, combined with high quality products to achieve the best results for you!

Our top salon go to service has to be lashes and brows, whether its mascara, falsies or lifting and tinting those bad boys.....this would have to be our number one stranded on a desert island must have treatment. lashes are big business and every girl (or guy) should have their go to favourite type of lash enhancing system!

Beauty In Simplicity

We personally love a lift and tint. This treatment comes in many different brand names, be it LVL, Yumi or Salon Systems. They are all the same treatment but delivered slightly differently and must be completed by an expert lasher for best results. If you are blessed with long full lashes, from white, blonde to dark brown, then this is a great option for you. Most people need a bit of ‘curling’ on their lashes, so this treatment fans the lash up and out, opening and brightening the eye and tinting them replaces the colour a mascara would semi-permanently. In our opinion a win win! It lasts at least 4-6weeks.....with treatment time being 45mins - 1hour. Therefore, maintenance is low and cost effective, with great results!

• Eyelash Tinting

• Eyebrow Tinting

• Eyebrow Shape (waxing)

•  Eyebrow Tidy & Shape (tweezing)

• Eyebrow Tinting & Shape

• Precision Brows

• Eyelash Perm & Tint

• Lash Lift

Essential Grooming Services at A.R.T you can choose from:

Compulsory Patch Test

We take your safety seriously. Therefore you will require a patch test 48 hours before your lash and brow service.

Love a Lift

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