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Skin assessment

So many factors contribute to your skin’s function and health. From what you eat and drink, to your environment and external factors which you are exposed to daily, such as UV and changes in temperature. This time of year central heating can play havoc on the skin hydration levels, which can contribute to irritation, dryness and sensitivity, as well as breakouts! The most obvious among all of this would be your skin care routine, most of us get this wrong. Its a maze of advice and products where do you even start?

That's where we come in

skin assessment

The team at A.R.T love and specialise in skin. Our passion is to achieve results, our motivation is you! We treat many conditions from Acne to Pigmentation, Anti-Ageing to General Skin Care.

We start with a consultation, which provides you with a basic education in skin function, as well as a more targeted conversation about your concerns.

To support this we use a skin scanner. Opatra Skin Analyser is a key part of your consultation and undertaken prior to any facial skin treatment we perform in-clinic.

The state-of-the-art technology uses cross-polarised and UV lighting to record and measure surface and subsurface skins condition by taking a series of multi-spectral images. This helps to reveal any damage and signs of ageing both on and beneath the surface of the skin, which may be missed by the human eye.

It works by taking images of your face – not only helping you to see what is happening now but also to accurately review how your treatment results are progressing over time.

This is so we can analyse your skin condition from the superficial level such as acne spots and blemishes, to any deep underlying damage, such as ultraviolet damage and pigmentation.

In addition, It can assess the presence of expressive and static lines and wrinkles, as well as any redness or build-up of bacteria (porphyrins) within the skin.

A comprehensive digital skin analysis means we are able to tailor your treatments and skincare products to your unique skin conditions, maximising both the repair and correction of your skin health.

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