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All Things Laser 

We have a range of laser and light treatments available to meet your individual needs. Laser and light treatments can provide hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation and improve the appearance of veins and vascular lesions. Speak to your therapist to book and consultation and see what we can do for you!

Laser Treatments

Laser Tattoo Removal

Don't like your tattoo anymore? Now you can get it removed at our award winning beauty salon and aesthetic clinic based in Billericay, Essex!

Zap it!

for Women

If you can Tweeze it, Shave it, Wax it, Then we can ZAP IT!

It sometimes feels like we get hair in all of the wrong places!



IPL Skin Rejuvenation is one of the most popular treatments for anti-ageing and uneven skin pigmentation



Leg veins, spider veins and other visible benign vascular lesions are common aesthetic conditions for which patients seek treatment for both medical and cosmetic reasons

Over 17 years experience delivering Laser hair removal treatments

Why Choose Us

• Our machine delivers super fast Pain FREE treatments using Ice technology

• Permanently removes unwanted hair by killing the hair follicle

• Medical Grade Hair Removal Machine

• 66% more powerful than your most of your well known laser devices out there!

• FDA Approved

• Triple wave length for optimal removal

• Treats all skin and hair types

• Say good bye to painful waxing and shaving

• Say hello to lasting silky smooth skin

Initial Consultation & Patch Test

• If you are interested in Diode Laser Hair Removal treatment at A.R.T please call us on 01277633907 and book an Initial Consultation.

One of our highly experienced therapists will assess your suitability for treatment, answer any questions you may have and come up with a treatment programme that meet your requirements.

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