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Bespoke Body Contouring

If your looking to stream line that body, perhaps you have an extra inch you can pinch, want to tighten up those wobbly bits, or shed some extra inches, smooth that orange peel effect, or just feel more confident in your own skin then we have the answer!

Fat Reduction and Inch loss

If you need to remove that stubborn pocket of fat that just will not go through diet or exercise or perhaps you want to reshape your figure line, then this is for you!

Muscle Tone

Introducing a powerful revolution in body shaping and muscle toning, just one minute treatment is equivalent to 20000 crunches, squats or leg extensions

Skin lifting and Tightening

If it’s just Skin Tightening you are after then we can do that too, perhaps you have lost weight, need a little helping hand with that mummy tummy or perhaps your skin needs some TLC from the effects of ageing.

Our Advance Cosmetic Body Treatments offer you a complete non-surgical approach to permanent fat loss and body contouring and transformation.

Using Award winning, medical grade none invasive, body transformational technologies, we personalise a body programme to suit your individual requirements: whether it’s skin tightening,  permanent fat reduction, cellulite, stretch marks or muscle toning!

Feel more confident than ever before!

• Enjoy quick, pain-free treatments without any recovery time that offer permanent results

• Target stubborn areas on the stomach, back, or thighs

• Break down stubborn fat without the need for expensive surgery

• Experience a safe, and effective way to eliminate stubborn belly jiggle.

• Enhance and speed up your slimming and weight loss journey

• Reduce Inches and wear that jaw-dropping skin-tight dress with confidence after only a few sessions!

• Firm and tighten

• Lifting and tone

• Sculpt and define

Advance Cosmetic Body Treatments


You tried it all but just can’t shift it, with our amazing Dermology program using cavitation combined with shock waves we now have the answer.

ART Signature Programs

Our signature programs unique to A.R.T have been developed with years of experience meeting client’s demands!

A.R.T Bespoke Body Contouring Programs

If you can pinch it, we can reduce & tighten it, with A.R.T Body Sculpt, Loved by Celebrities!

Our non-surgical Advanced Cosmetic Body Treatments are all about helping your body look and feel the best it can! Utilising proven technologies, combined with A.R.T’s tailored approach we can will help you achieve just that!

We Believe everyone is Different

We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe everyone is different - so your body contouring programme should be too!

Using medical-grade technology, our game-changing devices offers a range of exciting new features that consolidate their status as the UK’s No.1 body contouring brand. Designed by professionals to create the complete non-surgical choice for treating fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening.

multi-technology device

This multi-technology device combines four advanced technologies to allow us to offer a completely bespoke approach to targeting your concerns. Our tailored packages will provide a solution for everyone's needs:

Circumference Inch loss

Skin tightening and firming

Lift and Toning

Permanent focussed fat reduction

Body shaping

Body contouring

Cellulite Reduction

Non-Surgical Ultimate Bum Lift

Improvement of Stretch Marks


Our Combined technologies are not charged by the specific treatment, but by time, depending on your needs and concerns. Each technology gives a-specific result and may not be suitable to meet your requirements. You may also need a combination of treatments to meet your expectations. We therefore structured our courses based on time so we can layer and tailor the treatment specifically for you.

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