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If your looking to check out for an hour or two, find a hide away from the daily grind, and have an excuse to switch off your phone then we can provide the answer!

And Relax….There’s nothing like a massage to shut out the stresses and strains of our busy lives and restore our inner peace. We offer the perfect massage to suit every taste from relaxing popular classics to sports and deep tissue massage to relieve your aches and pains.

Full Body Swedish Massage 1hr

Swedish Back Neck Massage (30mins) 


Full Body Aromatherapy Massage (1hr)


Back Neck Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage (30mins) 


Indian Head Massage (30 min)


Something Special

If your looking to indulge then we have the perfect treatment selection to do just that!

The herbal based products we use in these treatments are inspired by the ancient Thai rituals. The healing properties of exotic herbs and natural remedies will leave your skin refreshed and glowing and your mind nurtured.

Exotic Body Scrub (1hr) 

This body scrub treatment inspired by ancient Thai rituals bestow a healing and pleasant effect. A journey of total relaxation is experienced combined with an exfoliating, hydrating and refreshing action to restores suppleness and hydration to the skin.

 •Gently exfoliate and nourishing the skin

•Soften and soothe the body

•Restore vitality

•Let your stresses melt away

Botanical Body Wrap (1hr 15mins) 

This unforgettable unique treatment allow you to venture to the highest point of relaxation. The holistic benefits will allow you to reach a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation while a feeling of warmth and total well-being is stimulated. Benefits include:

•Deep detoxifying your body

•Improves skin clarity and firmness

•Leave your skin cleansed, toned and glowing

The Hot Stone massage is a truly unique experience.


Hot Stone Massage is the applicant of thermotherapy using heated basalt stones. It is a deep physiological experience and is a truly energising treatment.

The treatment of Hot Stone Massage is 95% massage and 5% placement, with one massage stroke of the stone being the equivalent to 10 massage strokes by hand. Blood circulation, rich in oxygen, is boosted, while lymph flow is stimulated. Tired, sore and aching muscles are relaxed with improvements in flexibility and tensions held at the deepest level is released

The effects of Hot Stone Massage are:

• Physical: relaxation and pain relief

• Mental: stress relief and quietening of the mind

• Energetic: activation of energy and uplifting

• Incorporating the use of essential oils and ritual massage, the Hot Stone massage is a truly unique experience.

Hot Stone Massage at A.R.T 

Full Body Treatment (1hr 30mins)
Back Neck & Shoulder Area (1hr) 





Solution Targeted 

If your needs are to deal with specific concerns, we provide a selection of treatments delivered by highly trained professionals to target specific problems and concerns.

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