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Individual lash extensions, for some, are the crème de la crème of fluttery envy and we do agree! You can achieve the look you want, with our experienced lash techs. They can give you long and luscious, or short and sultry. Our Lash techs have free reign to use various lengths, thickness and even softness of lashes on our clients. Its suitable for all ages and most lash types. We have an abundance of lash glue to choose from, from sensitive eyes to hard core glues that will really stick those babies on. Maintenance is key with this option, as a lash extension will grow and fall out with the natural lash cycle. To keep them looking their best, 2-3week infills are highly recommended, cleaning and brushing them is also a must! Treatment time depends on the look your tech is creating, but this is minor after-care commitment when your falsies look this good!

Our lashes

Our lashes are professionally applied with a special medical grade adhesive to create longer, thicker, more beautiful lashes. No clumps or flares, our lashes are individually applied on top of your own natural lash.

You can choose from

• Instant Glam

• Standard Set 3D

• Dramatic for the addicts

• Foundation Refill

• Lash Removal

Instant Glam

This is a basic set to enhance your lashes. Ideal for special occasions. If you are looking for a fuller look that lasts at least 2 weeks, Standard 3D Lashes would be a more suitable option. Treatment time: up to 1 hour.

Standard 3D Lashes

Also known as Classic Lashes. This is our most popular eyelash extension service. It consists of one synthetic lash being applied to your natural lashes. Your lash will be thicker, longer and overall, more beautiful. Gives you a natural look that lasts for 2-3 weeks. The application takes about 1.5 hours.

Wide Selection Of Styles

We offer a wide selection of styles, Lashes for the Addicts, Dramatic Lashes and Au Natural Lashes of course.

Your therapist will help to advice you on your requirements and lifestyle to help you choose the best style for you.

We also have free convenient parking on site, so its as easy as pulling up outside the door. Making your appointment a completely stress free experience!

Get lashed ladies, you wont look back!

Dramatic for Addicts/ Russian Lashes

Russian lashes consist of applying 2 to 3 synthetic lashes to one natural lash, creating more volume. This treatment gives you a dramatic glamorous look. The application takes about 2 hours.



Eyelash Standard Foundation Refill  –  1hr 

We recommend scheduling your refills every two to three weeks.

Eyelash Express Infill (Lash Touch) – 30mins 

For those who need a quick treatment, or those who have kept their lashes in very good conditions and don’t really need a full infill. We recommend scheduling your express infills every one to two weeks.



You can choose between a set of Hybrid Lashes, or Russian Volume Lashes. Hybrid is a mixed set of Classic Lashes and Russian Lashes, it gives the definition of classic with the added fullness. Russian Volume treatment is the fullest set, which will create a fluffy look with maximum fullness. A set of Extreme Lashes takes about 3 hours.



We always RECOMMENDED Professional Eyelash Removal 

If you want to remove your eyelash extensions, we highly recommend you to come into the salon and get them professionally removed by one of our therapists. Specialised lash removal products will be used and individual eyelash extensions will be carefully removed to protect your natural lashes.

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